Business Litigation

Atwood Gameros understands that successfully running a business requires adroitly managing risks and resolving disputes. The same principles apply whether addressing financial disputes between family members or multi-national corporations. While taking every dispute that arises to trial is unrealistic and ineffective, we believe that the strength of a client’s bargaining position is directly related to how the adversary views the quality of the attorneys representing the client and the ability of those attorneys to take a case to trial if necessary. We begin each representation by working with a client to develop a full understanding of that client’s objectives. By understanding the objectives, we can bring a focused approach that allows for cost-effective representation.

Tesoro pursues insurance recovery for losses arising from pollution conditions at refinery -
represented Tesoro in litigation to recover losses arising from pollution conditions at a refinery under Pollution Legal Liability Select Insurance Policy

Pepsi Bottling Group settles dispute during acquisition of Better Beverages -
represented The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc. in connection with a dispute over the acquisition of Better Beverages

Hospital in billing and management dispute -
represented a hospital in a dispute with former third-party billing and management companies related to alleged improprieties by those companies

Merritt, Hawkins & Associates arbitrates software development contract dispute against developer
- represented Merritt, Hawkins & Associates, as software purchaser, in an arbitration dispute against the developer involving a software development contract

Homecomings Financial negotiates pre-suit settlement of software development contract -
represented Homecomings Financial, a GMAC company, as a software purchaser and negotiated a pre-suit settlement of a software development contract

Kay MacKay negotiates settlement of breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secret action -
on behalf of Kay MacKay, Jones Day negotiated the settlement of breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secret claims relating to aluminum bats following a preliminary injunction hearing and on the eve of trial

TRW wins summary judgment in antitrust action brought by credit repair clinic -
obtained summary judgment for client TRW Inc. in an antitrust action brought by a credit repair clinic

Excess insurer sues primary insurer over contaminated housing development –
Represented an excess insurance carrier in a suit against the primary carrier after the excess carrier dropped down and paid claims related to ground water contamination of a neighborhood bordering a toxic waste disposal site

Bank group defends claims related to processing embezzled checks –
obtained summary judgment for a group of banks that had processed embezzled checks